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Orchid Technologies on Ulitzer Intel Corporation's ATOM processor and low power chipset solution is a technology choice which cannot be overlooked. With the potential for wide application in deeply embedded, low power, fanless industrial, medical, communications, automotive and consumer applications this technology demands attention. Orchid Technologies, a developer of custom electronics product solutions, can help. With their new ATOM processor technology core design, that combines your custom electronic hardware with an ATOM processor core. The result is a highly integrated circuit board solution customized for your applications needs. "The development time and risk are low, because Orchid has done much of these designs before," says Paul Nickelsberg, President and Senior Engineer of Orchid. "Your custom design builds on our firm foundation of design success." ... (more)

Obsolete Electronic Product Redesign

Orchid Technologies routinely tackles the redesign of our client’s obsolete electronic products. Orchid Technologies approach is unique.  We begin by evaluating our client’s existing design for its strengths and weaknesses. We try to understand the original Design Intent. When reviewing an obsolete design, we start by asking questions.  Questions like why did the original designers choose their particular approach?  What were the original designers thinking?  What limitations might they have stumbled across? How can the design be improved using modern techniques?  Through answers t... (more)

Fluoroscopic Drug Discovery

Microprocessor control permits the simultaneous data collection of a virtually unlimited number of photo diode channels. Using advanced networking features, processed-pin-photodiode data may be communicated to a single host computer. Network communications provides facilities to perform calibration, diagnostics, and in-system firmware upgrades. Orchid selected a Freescale MC9S12A128 microcontroller as the brain of this low cost, multi-channel transconductance amplifier. The HCS12's feature- rich complement of flash program store, static RAM, timers, analog to digital conversion ... (more)

Orchid Technologies Designs Cough-Assist Machine

Orchid Technologies on Ulitzer Cough-assistance requires the production of pressurized air. That air pressure must be controlled with great accuracy throughout the cough-event. During the cough-assisting process, airflow through the motor system changes rapidly. These changes cause large, step-function changes in the motor’s load. To function correctly, motor control electronics must rapidly adjust to these rapid changes in motor load. PID motor speed control with advanced feed-forward control techniques permits precise motor speed control. The design was divided into three diff... (more)

Custom Electronic Product Design

Chip Design on Ulitzer From Atom to Multicore Processors, Orchid Technologies can design a custom Intel Architecture solution to meet your specific requirements. Orchid's Core2 Quad Processor board is feature packed. Designed for ruggedized operation in a small air-cooled package, our Core2 Quad Processor design is alone in its class. Critical to the success of any custom Intel Architecture design is the Embedded Controller. Orchid has developed and ported numerous Embedded Controller designs. These designs, based on Renesas 2117 and Renesas 2472 H8 processors offer ACPI, PS2 ... (more)