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Julie Lavallee

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Accurate to 0.05%, the original 1988 instrument design was well executed. However, vintage 1980's state of the art electronic components were going 'end-of-life' at an alarming rate. Orchid studied the design and operation of the existing equipment. We generated a detailed development plan proposing significant technical improvements, and cost reductions. Then we set to work. Our new instrument is form, fit, and function compatible with the old, while achieving improved accuracy and a 3x increase in measurement speed. Obsolete Product Assembly Simplification The original LCR meter required multiple circuit boards to perform its functions. These circuit boards were shielded with a complex jumble of sheet metal, spacers, and screws. Additionally, expensive coax cables were installed to make the DUT connection. Orchid's new design is elegantly simple. All circuitry is no... (more)

Orchid Technologies' latest circuit board design features dual Altera Cyclone devices.

Orchid Technologies is an old hand at Altera FPGA and CPLD design and development. Working within Altera's new Quartus environment gives Orchid much greater design control. Orchid inputs design data in AHDL, Verilog or VHDL depending upon the required FPGA performance. Altera PROBE signals and Quartus' rapid compile time permits enhanced debug and timing verification, once the design actually hits the lab bench. Quartus simulation and test bench facilities allow pre-verification of the design before circuit board implementation. Using on-chip synchronous SRAM, Orchid implemented... (more)

Intel ATOM Design

Orchid Technologies on Ulitzer Intel Corporation's ATOM processor and low power chipset solution is a technology choice which cannot be overlooked. With the potential for wide application in deeply embedded, low power, fanless industrial, medical, communications, automotive and consumer applications this technology demands attention. Orchid Technologies, a developer of custom electronics product solutions, can help. With their new ATOM processor technology core design, that combines your custom electronic hardware with an ATOM processor core. The result is a highly integrated c... (more)

Custom Electronic Product Design

Chip Design on Ulitzer From Atom to Multicore Processors, Orchid Technologies can design a custom Intel Architecture solution to meet your specific requirements. Orchid's Core2 Quad Processor board is feature packed. Designed for ruggedized operation in a small air-cooled package, our Core2 Quad Processor design is alone in its class. Critical to the success of any custom Intel Architecture design is the Embedded Controller. Orchid has developed and ported numerous Embedded Controller designs. These designs, based on Renesas 2117 and Renesas 2472 H8 processors offer ACPI, PS2 ... (more)

Orchid Technologies Designs Cough-Assist Machine

Orchid Technologies on Ulitzer Cough-assistance requires the production of pressurized air. That air pressure must be controlled with great accuracy throughout the cough-event. During the cough-assisting process, airflow through the motor system changes rapidly. These changes cause large, step-function changes in the motor’s load. To function correctly, motor control electronics must rapidly adjust to these rapid changes in motor load. PID motor speed control with advanced feed-forward control techniques permits precise motor speed control. The design was divided into three diff... (more)